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Nancy Milton Holtzscher


Relocating to Edwardsville, IL?

I had the great pleasure of helping Pam and Patrick move to Edwardsville this spring. They were kind enough to send me the following recommendation, which made my day, month and year!

RELOCATING TO EDWARDSVILLE? Nancy is probably the most assessible, patient, and personable agent we have ever worked with – AND she’s a smart cookie! It doesn’t get much better than that when you need an agent to look out for your best interests (whether buying or selling). This gal knows her stuff!!!!!!! We bought a house through Nancy…probably looked at 50 houses in the process…and she stuck with us patiently through the whole process – she made sure certain things were in the contract that in our best interest and made the whole process easy – this is REALLY important when you are moving from another part of the country and need to rely on someone else to help you made a housing decision!
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